International Spinal Cord Injury Organizations

Australian and New Zealand Spinal Cord Society
Formed to promote the high quality management of people with spinal cord lesions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Canadian & American Spinal Research Organization (Canada)
An alliance of the CSRO and ASRO to help us maximize research and the fund raising efforts. Dedicated to the improvement of the physical quality of life for persons with a spinal cord injury through targeted medical and scientific research.

International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD) (Canada)
Interactive group of research laboratories at the University of British Columbia dedicated to study of developing and adult nervous system and repair and rehabilitation after injury or disease. Also contains the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence (SCIRE) which provides a systematic review of 20 different topics in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and can be downloaded for free. This project was produced by over 42 faculty and clinicians.

International Spinal Cord Society (ISCOS) (Swiss)
A society for physicians and other medical professionals that serves as an international impartial, non-political and non-profit making association whose purpose is to study all problems relating to traumatic and non-traumatic lesions of the spinal cord.

International Spinal Injuries & Rehabilitation Centre (U.K.)
A unique opportunity for successful rehabilitation exists at the acclaimed International Spinal Injuries Center, enhanced by its setting within the well-appointed Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital.

International Spinal Research Trust (U.K.)
The only charity based in the U.K, which is dedicated to funding research on an international scale with the sole aim of ending paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

Quadriplegic Association (QASA) (South Africa)
Established to assist quadriplegics by providing a range of highly specialized support services that are designed to promote and encourage their rehabilitation, community integration and independence.

Rick Hansen Institute (Canada)
Canadian foundation supporting research that will lead to new discoveries, which will result in cures for spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Alberta (Canada)
Assists those with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.

Spinal Cord Injury BC
Site where people with spinal cord injuries can have their questions answered, see what is possible, and get informed about events being held in the Vancouver Area.

Spinal Cord Research Centre (Canada)
The Spinal Cord Research Centre's web site at the University of Manitoba, Canada was set up to inform prospective students and postdoctoral trainees, as well as others interested in spinal cord research at the Centre.

Spinal Injuries Association (U.K.)
A national organization for people paralyzed by spinal cord injury. Includes useful information on services in England, a twice a week hosted chat room on Sunday and Wednesday nights, and an active message board.

Spinal Research Fund of Australia (Australia)
The Spinal Research Fund of Australia is a member of an International group - International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis (ICCP) whose mission is to expedite the discovery of cures for spinal cord injury paralysis.

Southern African Spinal Cord Association (SASCA)
(South Africa)
Provides information to health care professionals and policy makers. Promotes the treatment and rehabilitation of the spinal cord injured, and networks with governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and other service providers.

Vertical (Italy)
Fondazione Italiana per la Cura della Paralisi ONLUS (The Italian Foundation To Cure Paralysis).