Personal Spinal Cord Injury Websites

This page is reserved for quality non-commercial websites by individuals with a spinal cord injury or related spinal dysfunction. Their content may be of a more personal nature, yet many provide good resources. Add your website to this list.

A Quadriplegic and His Sister
An accounting of one man’s struggle to overcome adversity and one family’s struggle to cope with catastrophe.

Beauty Ability
Blog by Tiffiny Carlson, a disability writer from Minnesota. She helps people with disabilities realize they can become beautiful, sexual, and proud; no matter their ability. Provides info on fashion, dating, and sex for women with SCI.

Determined2heal Foundation
A 501(c)3 nonprofit formed by Josh Basile after suffering a C4-C5 spinal cord injury. Its goal is to simplify the difficult transition families of newly injured patients will face when dealing with paralysis.

Flat On My Back
Sharing hope through the journey of paralysis.

Love Like This Life
A candid, personal blog chronicling the lives of a young quadriplegic and his wife, as they face the daily challenge of disability, with love lighting the way.

The SCI Zone .com
A collection of information on Spinal Cord Injury. Information collected from only the best spinal cord injury resources by Michael, a quadriplegic.

Scott W Fedor
Chronicles the journey of a spinal cord injury survivor. The site also provides a unique perspective about living with an SCI, and links to helpful information on spinal cord injuries.

Tetraplegic Living
Woodings Website is run by as C5/6 tetraplegic who broke his neck diving into a swimming pool. His disability hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life.