Spinal Cord Injury Research Studies

A listing of open observational type studies pertaining to spinal cord injuries. Note these studies are different than clinical trials as they do not test potential treatments. These studies are used to develop new ideas about SCI and how they might best be treated.

Check back periodically, as this list changes often. If you have a research study and want it listed here for free, please contact me with its details.

Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center
A wide-range of research studies by the Miami Project and elsewhere.

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center
A listing of spinal cord injury research studies currently being offered at the medical center located in Richmond, VA.

Rally by Partners HealthCare
A searchable listing of spinal cord injury studies at participating hospitals and specialty health care centers.

A Novel Non-drug Treatment for Chronic Pain in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain after a spinal cord injury? Researchers at the University of Washington are starting a new research study for chronic pain after spinal cord injury. Please see the details below for more about this study and how to participate. 

Chronic pain affects many people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and  can be musculoskeletal, neuropathic, or associated with spasms. Medications help, but rarely cure chronic pain. New research suggests that training in self-hypnosis plus cognitive therapy (HCT) can reduce chronic SCI-related pain. Self-hypnosis is a skill people can learn to enter a state of relaxed alertness and openness to suggestion. Cognitive therapy involves changing how the brain processes pain by changing thoughts about pain. Now we want to find out if people can learn HCT from a therapist via telephone calls and if they experience significant pain relief. If telephone-based HCT works, more people with SCI could benefit from this therapy. This is research study, so half of the participants will be randomly assigned to HCT and half to usual care. ALL participants will be asked to complete outcome assessments. No in-person visits are needed. Participants earn up to $60 for completing assessments.

You may be eligible for this study if you: 1) are at least 18 years old, 2) have been diagnosed and treated for SCI, 3) have chronic pain related to your SCI, 4) are able to read, speak, and understand English; and 5) have access to a phone.

Contact us at 206-221-5688 or telepop@uw.edu for more information. If you choose to send an email, the University of Washington cannot guarantee confidentiality of the email.