Working 2 Walk 2007

Working 2 Walk 2007 is to be held in Washington, DC April 22-24. The focus this year is to promote a clinical trial network in North America. Their goal is to educate and create an environment for scientists and advocates, to brainstorm for ways to bring this to fruition. This is the 3rd consecutive year that there has been a Rally organized in Washington, and over time it has grown from a one-day lobbying effort to a 3-day educational and advocacy event. In association with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, they are now planning the details for Working 2 Walk 2007. So far they have…

  • Dr. John McDonald, Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr. Wise Young are already scheduled to speak at Sunday’s Science Symposium.
  • Monday there will be an open house sponsored by the Kennedy Krieger Institute, with a screening of Christopher Reeve: Courageous Steps.
  • Tuesday will be the Working 2 Walk Rally on Capitol Hill. Our focus this year is on promoting a clinical trial network in North America.

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Posted on March 7th, 2007 in Clinical Trials and Studies.