Power Wheelchair Setup & Measurement Guide

Side View: Power Wheelchair Measurement Guide
Front View: Power Wheelchair Measurement Guide

Seat Depth
1 Measure from the most posterior point of the body to the inside of the knee, minus at least two inches. Some prefer more leg overhang to make room for their hand when lifting their leg.

Back Height
2 Measured from the seat base to the top of the chair back. Power chair riders need upper back support, particularly for the moment of initial acceleration.

Hanger Angle
3 Determines how far the toes extend away from the body, measured from the horizontal. A tighter angle allows the chair to turn around in less space. Depends in part on ability of the knee to bend towards the perpendicular.

Seat Width
4 Determined by the widest point of the body from knee to hip, plus an inch to ensure room to move. Consider bulk of clothing, particularly a heavy winter coat, if relevant.

Front Seat to Floor
5 Measure the leg from the back of the knee to the sole of the foot. Then subtract the thickness of the cushion when it is compressed. Next, add a minimum of two inches for footrest clearance. Do not add the footrest clearance if the chair will be foot-propelled.